How to Hack Instagram Account Password with App (Download & Review)

Learn impressive method to hack Instagram account password with using the special software developed right for this purpose.
A group of developers from some black-hat forums decided to test their skill and computer knowledge to see if they’re capable of achieving hacking into social media accounts. For their project they selected Instagram. After more then half year of hard work they finally made it possible. All of their project logs, including all errors, bugs and failures can be found in their thread at

Tool Screenshot:
Instagram Hack App

Usage Instructions:
As you can see from the screenshot above, the app has very friendly interface and it’s very simple designed for an user. All you have to do is enter Instagram username (ID) of profile you’d like to hack and press the “Find Password” button to begin the process. There are two more options which are optional to check and they will give you more security while cracking accounts:
Clear Cookies: This will delete all IG related cookies from your default browser from which this app operates with. Makes you more safe and undetected. Continue reading How to Hack Instagram Account Password with App (Download & Review)

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How Hackers use Trojans to Steal from Online Bank Accounts

Hacker stealing informationThere are millions of hackers, scammers and spammers circling the internet, waiting to cause damage to you one way or the other. Such people will do anything possible to steal the necessary information they can. And then use it to rob you of your earnings. They look for ways to take your bank account or your social security account information to serve their unscrupulous characters.

The scary thing is that anyone can become a hacker. All you have to do is to learn different tools. There are various tools available on the Internet which are used to steal people’s personal information! This means that you not only have to worry about the professional ones but also the semi-amateur ‘black-hatters’ with their automated systems!

With that being said, how can you safeguard yourself against them? By learning some of their tactics! When you know some of their tactics you are in a good position to counter them.

There are so many examples of people and organizations that have been Continue reading How Hackers use Trojans to Steal from Online Bank Accounts

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